Brand New Property Training From Jacob Field Reveals...

The Exact Strategy he used to Exit the 9-5 by age 32.

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In this training you will learn:

👉  Exactly which FIVE properties you would need to purchase in the next 7 years, to “Exit the 9-5” on a PASSIVE income of $150,000pa++

👉  How professional industry insiders select High-Performance growth areas year in and year out even during downturns - COVID PROOF STRATEGY.

👉  How you can read the market like clockwork - and purchase just before they pop in value.

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Hi, my name is Jacob Field.


You may recognise my name…


I have been a property investor for almost 20 years.


At one point, I owned Australia’s largest and most well-respected property magazine.


But something you may not know...


I'm also the property investment expert that other well-known Buyers Agents and property advisors come to when they need help with their research and property purchases.


In fact - last financial year over 70 Buyers Agents paid me and my expert team 4, 5 and even 6 figures ++ in private advisory and insider property purchases.


Let me say that again...


Other property experts pay us over $100,000 per year because we are the best in the property investment game.


We know research, negotiation, due diligence, property selection and most importantly...


We know how to make MONEY via property investment.


Not just the odd couple of grand here and there…


But we have developed a system that generates ridiculous profits…


Hand over fist…


Deal after deal…


Private investors have used us to purchase 10 investment properties in a single year (more on that below)...


Now we are opening up the world of insider investment to YOU.


We have developed a secure, reliable, low-risk investment system to help you EXIT the 9-5 in as little as 6 years.


This training is my life's work.


It is my duty to share my knowledge and help other property investors get ahead.


This on-demand training will be limited to the first 100 investors.


I am keeping this training much smaller than my normal events - because I want to reward people who take action.


That is the name of the game.


Reserve your seat now and I will see you in the training.




Jacob Field

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Click above to view the ON DEMAND training session.